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01 Cost Savings

Smart workspaces

Places of work aren’t just that anymore. They’re living, breathing organisms that react and change according to their surroundings and those that spend time within them. The workspaces of today are expected to work harder than ever before, but are we making most of them? 

Through smart solutions, you can ensure every inch is used efficiently, spot hazards before they occur and reduce unnecessary utility costs.

Your smarter workspace is within touching distance

Preparing for a big move? A few things to consider:

How much are you spending on empty offices? 60% of the time private office space is not occupied - reclaim unused to drive activity.

How much time is wasted by staff looking for available meeting rooms? On average 40% of booked meeting rooms aren't actually used.

02 Meeting Rooms

03 Wellbeing

Does your workspace match the needs of your organization and people? Monitor your space usage in real-time and increase staff wellbeing.

The Millenial workforce demand more from their workspaces, however sharing spaces with others isn't an issue.

04 Flexibility

No matter your workspace type, you can keep an overview of occupancy rates and act before issues arise, all from one handy app.

06 Monitor

Create a dynamic workplace where employees can seamlessly find the space that fits the task at hand.

05 Collaboration

Monitor your workspace without putting team members under undue scrutiny, thanks to non-invasive technology that prioritises privacy.

07 Technology

Optimise Your Workspace, 

Feel The Difference.

Feel The Difference

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Transforming Workspaces

The way we work is changing and it will never be the same again. 

Workers across the globe are calling for greater flexibility in everything from working hours to environments and demanding more than ever before. 

In 2017, PwC found that 80% of their 44,000 employees demanded flexibility in their work schedules, leading the company to commit to converting all of its US offices into co-working spaces.

In the UK alone, more than 4 million people regularly work from home, as an increasingly millennial and ‘Gen Z’ workforce prioritise adaptability over a rigid working routine.

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Optimising Workspace On A Global Scale
Société Générale

How one of Europe's largest banks reinvented the way it uses its spaces.

Despite being one of the oldest banks in France, Société Générale decided that, when it came to workspace management, it was time for a change. And change they did.

Measuring your performance in trade markets and financial sectors is vital to the ongoing success of any bank, and Société Générale’s decision to turn this self-reflective ethos onto the very way in which their employees conduct their daily business.

But how did they do it?

7 Key Considerations
Smarter Spaces


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